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I am currently a senior engineer at Elephant Ventures in NYC. Duties include software architecture and programming influenced by agile methodologies. Reach me via PGP-Email, my public key is publickey.txt or look me up.


I am an instructor for the NYC iPhone Bootcamp and have taught close to 100 aspiring iPhone developers.



Working towards my OSCP.

Capital Markets

I'm currently researching bitcoins along with traditional capital markets and I'm looking for like-minded coders and investors to share thoughts with - specifically swing/trend trading by technical/visual indicators. I've recently released Botcoin, a PHP open source bitcoin market data bot. Fork it on github Botcoin!


Various projects, scripts and bits of code unrelated to professional duties. ^ top

iPhone Applications

Shortly after the release of the SDK I began to developing iOS applications. Here's a sample of my applications that are on the appStore - some have since been removed. I've also worked on various other applications under NDA.

Further Reading

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Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent - John Maynard Keynes